Brutal Fairytale

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A vicious mind game...

a thousand doors but not one exit.

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"Brutal Fairytale" is an album inspired by stories. 

The power of the music speaks by itself, like the ink on a quill rushing through the pages of an ancient book.

The same way, you can take that quill and write the story of your life, and you can make it as interesting as you want to.

You just have to go back to yourself, to your origins... 

Find the place where you came from, and you will find your story.

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Brutal Fairytale Documentary

In this video you will see how a group of spirited young musicians combine their "special powers" and come together to form an album that's a real work of art.

Watch exclusive videos and pictures of Jazz Wires in the everyday life and during the creative process.

Explore the meaning of the tunes are well as the inspiration behind them. Experience the emotion and excitement of music that tells a story. Passion, romance, groove, nostalgia, excitement, energy...

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Hello from Raul

Welcome to my secret place. 

This is the place where music transforms into shapes and colors, and it merges into everyday life.

We all receive inspiration in different ways, from many sources. I find it hidden in the stories that I hear with my music. Every note is a color, every melody is a thought. Combining them all is what creates the magic.

Thank you for sharing with me the love for music. Your presence here makes this search for beauty and excitement even more thrilling! 

The Music in my Dreams

A beautifully crafted album. Recorded on a single night, inspired by dreams and deep desires of the heart... You will get chills listening to this.   

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Exhilarating music, exciting LIFE!

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